Sediver glass insulators technical features
Unparalleled performance

The unique performance of Sediver glass insulators combined with the intrinsic properties of toughened glass makes them the most attractive insulators in term of life cycle costs:

Sediver toughened glass insulators 400kV TL line - Turkey

Sediver toughened glass insulators: No ageing

How is it achieved?

1. The toughened glass shell is immune to the effects of micro-crack propagation with time and load / temperature cycles. No other insulator dielectric behaves in the same way.

2. The hot cured alumina cement used in Sediver glass insulators is very strong, stable, and immune to any cement growth phenomena.

3. A highly automated manufacturing process, perfected over the years by Sediver, guarantees an extremely homogenous and consistent high level of quality in the materials and the final product assembly.

Sediver has performed many studies on insulators returned after decades of service in all kinds of environments which have shown no mechanical or electrical change in performance, even after 40 years in service.

Infallible & easy visual inspection

Glass: At a simple glance inspection

With toughened glass, if the skirt is visible the insulator is as good as new.
Whereas inspecting cap and pin porcelain insulators is known to be a very difficult and costly exercise (climbing towers, buzzing each unit...), and is often impossible with composite insulators; a simple visual glance at a toughened glass insulator string gives a complete and reliable assessment of its integrity.
Toughened glass insulators cannot be punctured nor be internally cracked: a damaged glass shell will instantly reveal its condition by shattering into small fragments. Since the mechanical strength of a Sediver “stub” is almost unchanged compared to an intact insulator, there is no need to anticipate any special maintenance operations.
The decision to replace a stub is related to local maintenance procedures of each Utility but it is not a consequence of technical or safety issues.

Safe live line working

With the economical challenge of service dependability which requires maintaining lines in operation, it is clear that live line work has become an absolute necessity to most Utilities.
But live line maintenance requires specialized crews, equipment and complex procedures where the first step is to make an assessment of the condition of the insulator strings; Who would dare to take a risk with maintenance crews performing such live line maintenance on insulators whose real integrity is not 100% sure?
With Sediver glass insulators: no such risk. A simple visual glance at the string gives a complete and reliable assessment of the condition of the insulation.

Live line working on Sediver glass insulator string - Malaysia