Sediver toughened glass insulators

Sediver toughened glass suspension insulators

A wide range of products answering customer needs

Through 60 years of close partnership with the main utilities of the world, Sediver engineers have constantly enlarged our product portfolio to offer a comprehensive range of products to satisfy a fast changing market.

By developing and optimizing different types of toughened glass dielectric shells Sediver is able to provide our customers with the most appropriate insulating solution, able to operate in all kinds of environmental conditions on distribution and transmission lines from just a few kV up to 1.000 kV UHVAC, 800 kV UHVDC and beyond.

Glass types:

Toughened glass for AC application


High Resistivity Toughened glass for DC application

Mechanical strength range:

up to 760 kN


5 different dielectric shell profiles, each with special combination of characteristics


Toughened glass standard type insulator
Toughened glass fog type insulator
Toughened glass open profile insulator
Toughened glass spherical type insulator
Toughened glass outerib profile insulator

Standard profile


Fog type profile


Open profile


Spherical profile


Outerib Profile

Well spaced design,
performs well in
mild pollution environment


Long leakage distance
performs well in
heavy polluted areas


No underib: Ideal
in desert area and
to avoid ice bridging


Easy self-cleaning reduced
pollution build-up


Long leakage distance,
no underib for
optimal self cleaning

Toughened glass 1000kV AC - China   Toughened glass 800 kV DC - China   Toughened glass 765 kV AC – Brazil, Itaipu   Toughened glass 400 kV AC - USA