Sediver composite impenetrable design

In 1981, Sediver developed the concept of impenetrability by introducing an integral injection moulding process.

Instead of assembling the insulator rod, sheath, weathersheds an fittings with multiple interfaces, Sediver created the unique complete composite insulator that is impenetrable to humidity and moisture by moulding the weathersheds directly onto the core and the end fittings under high pressure and high temperature.

The perfect bonding at the sole interfaces of the insulators (end fittings/rod/covering material at both insulator ends), prevents any moisture/water penetration even under high pressure washing. The fiberglass rod core remains encapsulated and protected from any moisture ingress and ensures a long term mechanical performance. This prerequisite is nowadays widely shared amongst Utilities and insulator experts.


Sediver's state-of-the-art composite insulators are made by molding the weathersheds and housing directly onto the core and metal end fitting in a single step. The result is an impenetrable design that gives ultimate protection for the core.


High-strength, epoxy fiberglass core is completely protected from the elements along its length by a jointless, seamless, molded rubber housing.


Sheds with alternating diameters prevent bridging by ice, snow, and cascading rain.