Sediver toughened glass insulators:
The world reference in the field of glass insulator technology

Sediver glass insulators have gained a worldwide reputation of quality and reliability which constitute a unique point of reference in modern insulator technology:

Unequalled service experience

  • Nearly 70 years in HVAC applications
  • +50 years in HVDC applications
  • Nearly 500 million glass insulators in service
  • on T/L up to 1.000 kV HVAC and 800 kV HVDC
  • operating in all kinds of service and climatic environments in more than 150 countries

Guarantee of uninterrupted supply and on-time delivery

  • 4 manufacturing plants located in South America, Europe and China
  • Annual manufacturing capacity of 18 million units

Proximity of service to customers

  • 5 offices worldwide
  • 120 representatives worldwide
  • 1 Central R&D and regional technical support for customers

Sediver glass insulators Performance certificate from Furnas Brazil on HVDC T/L Performance certificate from HQ Canada on HVDC T/LPerformance certificate from Powergrid India on HVDC T/L

Proven quality

  • 1 single internal quality standard used throughout the factories
  • Guaranteed maximum shattering rate of 1/10.000 p.a confirmed by numerous performance certificates
  • Insulators conforming to the most stringent domestic & international standards

Environmentally friendly

  • Best insulator from a carbon footprint standpoint due to a lower quantity of energy required during production and the lower weight of metal components compared to other products
  • Full recycling of old insulator glass shells is possible