Sediver composite line surge arresters

Sediver composite line surge arresters offer unique features which contribute to improve the quality of service of your High Voltage system by eliminating flashovers due to lightning.
They are also a safety device that will protect the crew, the equipment and people in the vicinity.

For enhanced performance of your High Voltage system, you can rely on Sediver's expertise with

More than 300.000 Sediver surge arresters in service worldwide from 45 kV up to 400 kV.

30 years experience in composite technology using direct injection molding of the polymer housing under high pressure and high tempertaure.

Customized study for a reduced number of line arresters.
The determination of the line surge arrester design, as well as their optimal location, is done by our experts, using state of the art transient simulation software that take into account the parameters of your line.

Advantages of the polymer housed surge arresters:

  • Increased life time of the ZnO blocks which are protected from moisture ingress thanks to our impenetrable design
  • Excellent mechanical characteristics due to the reinforced fiber glass tube
  • Excellent pollution performance of the silicone housing
  • Excellent protection performance due to very stringent selection of extra high quality, high energy duty metal oxide blocks
  • Increased safety of surrounding crew and equipment thanks to the explosion proof design (air-free)
  • Easy to install and transport due to the low weight
  • Reduced space requirements thanks to a compact design

Specific needs

Sediver's solution

Sediver ZnO surge arrester design

Protection of Zno blocks

No risk of moisture ingress thanks to impenetrable housing and air free design

Safe behaviour in the event
of a fault

Explosion proof thanks to a specific composite design

High mechanical strength

FRP tube providing high mechanical strength and protection of the blocks

Protection of key points of the system

Expertise able to determine optimal arrester location using transient simulation software

Sediver offers a range of composite surge arresters in conformity with IEC 60099-4.
> Class: 1, 2 and 3