Sediver ageing test laboratories

Conduct mechanical endurance test is essential to designing insulators with extreme long term behaviour under extreme service conditions.

For more than two decades, Sediver Research Center has been monitoring glass insulators and fiberglass rods in our long duration testing station.

Sediver experience ascertains the high level of performance and the reliability of our product under extreme service conditions over the life time of the insulators.

The conclusion of the test is confirmed by tests performed on insulators returned from the field after decades of service up to 40 years of operation in AC but also DC after more than 30 years of operation.

Mechanical long term

Long term monitoring of glass insulators with specific defects under electro-mechanical stress (more than 25 years so far)



Multistress 5000h
ageing chamber


Multistress 2000/5000h ageing chamber


Long term mechanical monitoring
of fiberglass rods time loads
(more than 20 years so far)


Tracking wheel test

Ageing test