Sediver Research Center

70+ years of innovation and customer technical assistance

Sediver Reseach Center is composed by a very experienced group of scientists and technical experts based in the R&D central laboratories in France and regional laboratories around the world.

By continuously developing innovative new technologies and improving existing ones, Sediver aims to provide products and services that add value for our customers.

Our specific focus and activity areas are:

Product Innovation

Our R&D engineers and scientists are constantly focusing on new materials, products, designs and technologies that will help customers to improve the performance/reliability of their systems while lowering the impact on the environment. Cutting edge equipment is made available to our staff through continuous investments in our center of expertise.

Manufacturing technologies

The process development activity ensures a complete coordination and harmonization between a new concept and the relevant manufacturing process. It also ensures a cost-effective development path from R&D into business operation. This guarantees an optimum combination between performance and quality.


We provide technical assistance to customers, guiding engineers in their choice of insulating solutions, solving technical issues related to the operating conditions of their lines through our expertise gained over more than 70 years of field experience.

This includes assistance at all stages of line insulation work, providing training from handling and installation of insulators to monitoring their performance over the course of service time in the field.

  • Testing and evaluation programs thanks to state of the art laboratories
  • Joint research program to help solving specific line insulation design or line performance problems
  • Training of maintenance crew in the field
Testing and evaluation programsJoint research program to help solving specific line performance problemsTraining to maintenance crew in the field

Information platform

A fully networked technical information platform ensures an efficient communication between all divisions at Sediver Research Center.
This technical shared database which contains tens of thousands of references provides updated information needed by all technical staffs around the world. It facilitates technical exchanges and support between technical experts in an online environment.